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In 2013 , an Inspiring Vision in the beauty industry became a Mission to lead others with the same passion. With 20 years of experience in the beauty and barber industry and a determined business administrator and all trust in God the plan was put  into action! The adventure began by seeking a location that spoke to the heart. With lots to learn  the next step was taken to make it a  reality. In 2013 Trucco Beauty Institute was born.

Never the less the journey has not been an easy one, with obstacles, and adventures, tears and sweat , Trucco is an industry that truly cares about the student. Challenges have only made the Company stronger. Mutating from new techniques and diverse society, Trucco Beauty Institute has not lost passion but instead Became more Passionate about the industry bringing together and addition to the family. In 2017 Capelli Barber College was born.  Mind in the Beauty Industry is a refreshment to the soul. It’s a humble industry always ready to return to the sender. With this passion we remain and will continue to bring together in harmony and passion those that share the same Vision to grow into a Mission and continue with a Passion.

With Love,

Trucco and Capelli

Employers ❤️ Our ????

Beauty is all about passion and diversity. This is why we partner with industries with the same drive. They continue to help our graduates grow in the industry and acquire the experience necessary with customers to fulfill their career in a successful way.

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Career Opportunities 

The beauty industry is a vast and growing field. With so much opportunity in cosmetology, barbering, nail design and esthetics, there are plenty of options out there for you.

Payment Plans And Scholarships 

We love our community and are grateful for the support we have received as a local growing company. As we work on bringing Financial Aid Assistance and VA for our city , we currently provide our dreamers with low affordable payment plans with no additional interest. It’s a pay as you go plan to help you achieve your goal. Call or visit our facility for a welcoming walk thru and more information on our affordable payment plans and financing program for those who qualify.

How We Teach

How curious are you? Do you learn by reading? Or perhaps watching someone do it before you get to it? Or do you simply have to get down and touchy to feel and learn that way? At Trucco we want you to have fun. We want you to learn from mistakes and have the ability to correct the situation. Our Instructors follow a structured curriculum with live demos and lectures, multimedia, video , guest speakers and hands on practice that delivers efficacy while having fun while you  learn.

Guest Services

Our Future Professionals have the opportunity to improve their training and education through guest services, all under the supervision of our expert instructors. Support our Students. They will provide you with great service at low prices.


Our Charity Motto

You have the Power to Bring Smiles, with one weapon at a time.

At Trucco Beauty Institute we Believe we can bring a smile to the less fortunate at no cost. We believe beauty is something to be shared with All. Our passion speak Louder than words! For these and many more reason we bring the love for the industry to those that feel forgotten. The joy of Giving your best is a great way to learn, help others and have fun outside of class. Extracurricular activities is a great opportunity to develop your skills outside your comfort zone.

Online Education

Online Licensing Courses

Have you been thinking about realizing your goals? Start a new lifestyle? An online career would help you achieve it without much effort! And the result will be sensational and extremely profitable. Trucco Beauty Institute offers you online classes for Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetician, and Eyelash Extension from the comfort of your home and without neglecting your work. Our program offers you a practical and simple way to become a barber, cosmetologist, or Lash Artist in no time. The system is full of practices and step-by-step procedure videos like having your own teacher at home. Don’t wait any longer call for more information and enter the link so that you can check it yourself price is very affordable.

Online Certification Classes

Students are trained in the art of hair, nail design, and basic skincare. The students learn how to cut, color, style, and chemically alter the texture of hair. Using a wide variety of product lines. Our online classes offer a full curriculum that’s convenient for your busy schedule.

Bilingual Classes

As a TRUCCO Beauty Institute student, you’ll benefit from a variety of resources. We employ dedicated professionals who work with students with getting their foreign transcripts and diplomas translated into English and evaluated. Many of our staff members are bilingual and fluent in Spanish and English.

What are you waiting for?
You’ve got dreams and we’ve got the resources to make them happen. You need something practical and crave something meaningful. We get that. We understand working in the barber industry isn’t just a skill set. It’s an art form. It’s time you rock your inner artist.

We prepare our Future Professionals for careers in the beauty industry as licensed cosmetologists.
Conviértete en un professional con licencia en Cosmetologia 🧏🏽‍♀️.Plan de pagos $8375De contado $5150.Clases en inglés y español, clases presenciales y en línea! 👩🏽‍💻

Conviértete en un professional con licencia en Esteticista 🧏🏽‍♀️.Plan de pagos $8375 De contado $5150. Clases en inglés y español, clases presenciales y en línea! 👩🏽‍💻 ...

Conviértete en un professional con licencia de extensión de pestañas 🧏🏽‍♀️
Plan de pagos $4375
De contado $2975
Clases en inglés y español, clases presenciales y en línea! 👩🏽‍💻

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✓Hands on Training and Online Classes

Nail Tech Licensing Course! Enroll Now!
✓English and Spanish Classes
✓Hands on Training and Online Classes

Thank you Trucco Capelli Team and Students for your effort, passion and love for the Industry, Thank You All for making us the Best. 💖🙌 ...

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Our programs graduate over 100 students every year from our school programs. Please contact us for more information on class start dates, tuition, and opportunities for scholarships and payment plan opportunities.