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Every eyelash extension class at Trucco Beauty Institute gets you closer to becoming a confident professional. Gain real experience and training for a career with real possibilities. You can graduate from one of our eyelash extension course in just 12 to 15 weeks! You will get the chance to learn and practice your trade in a real salon setting and learn marketing and communication skills that will help you obtain your first job, attract clients, and build your own business.


The Eyelash extension is a 320 hours 12 to 15 weeks (programs vary in hours/length based on student schedule) The program includes theory, practice, we teach proper care for the eye and the sensitive tissue under the eye.  Your lash instructors will explain how to incorporate the client’s face shape, eye shape, brow shape, and desired look into one cohesive design. You will learn everything from the very basics of eyelash extensions to advanced application techniques. Students read assigned texts, take quizzes, mid-term and final exams, watch demonstrations, and practice skills in a clinic setting.

Technical Areas Covered Include:

  • Braiding, up-styling and finishing
  • Perming and smoothing hair
  • Hair coloring and lightening
  • Precision haircutting skills
  • Manicure, pedicure, makeup and facials

Level 2:


  • Sanitation/Disinfection

  • Eyelash growth cycle

  • Pathogens

  • Equipment

  • Client Consultation

  • Application

  • Eye lash evaluation

  • Isolation and Separation

  • Skin analysis

  • Removal

  • Eyes Shapes

  • Salon owner/management responsibilities Face and eye disorders 


  • Eyelash Extension Specialist

  • Shop Owner

  • Spa Director

  • Educator

  • Wellness Consultant



  • Optional course of intensive study for highest-achieving Future Professionals

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Our programs graduate over 100 students every year from our school programs. Please contact us for more information on class start dates, tuition, and opportunities for scholarships and payment plan opportunities.